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Who are We?​

Founded in 2016, Stage Right Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality entertainment and arts education to Northern Kentucky. Our partnership with local businesses like  Main Street Gardens have allowed us to branch out into a variety of performance platforms such as Musical Theatre, Theatre for Young Artists,  and Dinner Theatre. Our partnerships and support from individuals and businesses alike help guarantee high production values and more productions throughout the year. 

We are proud to be celebrating the arts in this area and look forward to years of high quality performances and productions in our own community!

Our Vision​


Stage Right Musical Theatre Company will provide high quality, professional live theatre performances as an entertainment outlet to those seeking to support the arts. We will strive to make every performance a special memory for all those in attendance, and we will continuously seek to expand access to the arts in the Northern Kentucky area.


Stage Right Musical Theatre Company will work to enhance arts education and access in our community through student workshops, classes, and productions. These creative and educational outlets will be designed to help our participants learn in a safe and fun environment while also growing an appreciation for the arts. Through the careful consideration we will put into piecing together our productions, we will continue to create opportunities for local and regional talent to practice and hone their craft.


Stage Right Musical Theatre Company will be a community-focused, professional theatre that will seek to provide high quality entertainment and theatrical arts to our community. We will also actively seek to involve our community in everything we do. We hope to provide a platform for local and community talent to perform and grow on, while at the same time increase the access and awareness of the arts in our area.


Stage Right Musical Theatre Company will provide unique opportunities to many people within our community, our state, and our region through our productions and educational settings. We want to give as many performers as possible a chance to learn about, to engage in, and to share our love of theatre and the performing arts.

Board of Directors​

John Siedenberg


Tony Doyle

Vice President

Mary Vosseberg


Kayla Quatkemeyer


Brigitte Siedenberg

Shelby Coleman

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