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Summer Camp: Alice in Wonderland Jr.




July 1 - 19


9am - 3pm

Fall down the rabbit hole this summer with Rising Stars Academy's camp: Alice in Wonderland Jr.
Join your fellow young artists in bringing this classic Disney musical to life while working with industry professionals to grow as a performer, artist, and person. Learn music, dance, acting, and more!

"Join Alice as she navigates the curious world of Wonderland on her journey of self-discovery. Along her adventure, Alice encounters the ever-tardy White Rabbit, the grinning Cheshire Cat, a cool Caterpillar, the wacky Mad Hatter, a temperamental Queen, and many more beloved Wonderland characters in this charming updated retelling of the classic Lewis Carroll stories. Adapted especially for young performers, the musical includes favorite songs from the Disney canon such as “I’m Late,” “The Unbirthday Song,” and “Painting the Roses Red,” in addition to music from the 2010 Tim Burton live-action film. Whether this is your first experience with Alice or your hundredth, you’ll lose your head (and your heart) for Alice in Wonderland JR."

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